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I’ve always been a ‘waste not, want not’ type person when it comes to food. I get bored eating the same thing over and over again, though, so we rarely eat leftovers as they were originally served. While most of my primary recipes are geared for having leftovers, I’ve got secondary recipes for using most of them. Today’s post is one example of a secondary recipe.

In my previous post, I shared the recipe for perfect roast beef. Now, when I make a roast, I pretty much always make double or triple what I expect folks to eat at that meal, because roasted meat can be used for so many different things… Plus, in the summertime, who wants to heat the house up any more than absolutely necessary?

You can add some of your favorite BBQ Sauce and shred the meat to make shredded beef bbq sandwiches (a Kitchenaid type mixer with a paddle attachment makes this a breeze!)… Slice it up into strips throw it into a pan with sliced onions, peppers, etc for fajitas… cube it up and use the remaining pan drippings, plus some beef broth, veggies and rice, potatoes or whatever for soup… There really are bunches of possibilities!

This is one of our favorites, based on our favorite dish from a restaurant that’s been out of business for quite a while in a town we moved away from several years ago…

A Really Loaded Potato!

What you need:

mashed potatoes (I usually use leftovers, adding some cheddar or mexican cheese blend and some garlic when I heat them) or 1 baked potato per person

leftover beef or pork, either chopped up well or shredded

BBQ sauce


What to do:

Heat up the potatoes in 1 dish (adding a bit of whatever dairy-type product you used to make the potatoes) and the meat & BBQ sauce in another. I usually do this in the microwave because it’s usually leftovers and it’s usually hot weather when I make it. (I do not have central air or any a/c in my kitchen.) You can use pans and stove to heat it up, if you like, though.

Put a layer of mashed potatoes down on the plate, then some of the BBQ shredded meat. Top with a bit of shredded cheese, and maybe even a dollop of sour cream and a sprinkle of chives.

Serve with cole slaw or broccoli slaw, or some bean salad, or marinated cucumber salad.



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  1. Sorry about the lack of photos, I keep forgetting to take pictures until after the fact!

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