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It’s been a while…

I have not been keeping up with my plans to post over here regularly. I’ve had plenty of ideas for posts, but just have not done too well with the follow through. Shortly after my last post, I began an internship at a local farm, where I was supposed to be learning about goat care and cheese making. I really learned a lot, mainly about cheese… not so much about the goats, which was my primary purpose for going there, but I’m continuing to volunteer there and am hoping the goat care stuff is still coming. Cheese making winds down when the goats dry up (they have a 10 month lactation cycle), and it’s currently breeding season. The babies that come from the breeding that is happening now should be born in early spring. My internship started when the 2014 kids were about a month old, and I am super excited at the prospect of being involved in bringing the next kids into the world! Have you ever seen a baby goat? Up close and personal? They are too cute for words!

So anyway, I am going to be trying to, once again, make a habit of blogging here. If I disappear for a while, feel free to come look me up on G+. I’m also going to be getting more active over there, as I look to cut back on my Facebook time. I am listed as Melanie White, email address

And, just because everyone needs some silly goat from time to time, here is a picture of Dolly. She is the oldest goat over at the farm, and has been taken out of breeding rotation this year. She is my favorite out of the 40-some odd milking does. She’s sweet natured and generally well behaved, but she tends to get very wriggly when she sees a camera. She also seems to always be sticking her tongue out at me. She doesn’t do this to anyone else, and I’m not really sure what it means, but it cracks me up, every time.


believe it or not, I've snapped dozens of photos of her, and this is the least blurry one!

Dolly, sticking her tongue out at me and being wriggly for the camera



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