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I am Melanie, aka Zoe… I create and design jewelry for folks with unique needs, which I mainly sell on Zibbet. If you’re interested in my jewelry creations, please check out my shop on Zibbet: and the Gallery page here:

My interests are varied, but the primary theme running through most of them is creativity. Jewelry design, drawing, cooking, metalwork, metal clay… these are all things I am currently at least proficient with… I also have a very looooong list of, “Ooh, I wanna…” items. In the coming year, I am hoping to move basic welding, basic cabinetry and glass slumping from the latter list to the former.

You may notice that I do not write much about working with fabrics and fibers. The plain truth of that is this: I know how to sew, weave, spin, crochet and knit- seriously, I could take freshly sheared wool and turn it into a sweater. It would most certainly be a very lopsided sweater, but it would be a sweater. The truth is, though, I simply do not enjoy it. I know that a lot of people love doing that stuff, and many of them do truly amazing work! I choose to leave the fiber arts to those who enjoy them. Life is too short to spend your free time doing things you don’t enjoy when there are other options!

Life is short. Make sure that the people you love know that you love them, that your kids know that you’re proud of them, and squeeze every last bit of joy out of every second of every day! After all, “Being happy doesn’t mean that everything is perfect. It means you’ve decided to see beyond the imperfections.”

Some other things you might want to know about me, to put this blog in perspective…

I am very interested in nutrition. I decided, after a few years of schooling, that becoming a registered dietician was not right for me for several reasons- the emphasis of the education was more on treatment than prevention, big business seemed to be manipulating the health advice being given by the American Dietetic Association (they receive funding from many companies whose interests contradict what I perceive as a healthy diet), and they don’t seem to be interested in alternative medicine at all, among other things. I am of the same mind as Hippocrates, “Let medicine be thy food, and food be thy medicine.”

In the same vein, I am interested in alternative medicine and using natural cures and herbal remedies… it’s not that I am against the use of pharmaceuticals when necessary; I just think that many of us do not take advantage of the medicines provided by Mother Nature. (And, to be quite honest, the side effects of the stuff available from the drug store tend to scare me a bit.)

I enjoy DIY stuff and love learning about how things were done in times past. I think there’s a lot of wisdom to be gleaned from knowing how to do things the way they did them ‘back in the day’. Technology is nice and sometimes makes life easier, but being ‘connected’ often seems to result in a disconnect from our history, our land and each other.

I think it’s our responsibility to be prepared as best we can for  emergencies & disasters, just as it’s the responsibility of each individual to be involved in the causes that matter to them, and to practice charity every day. I garden so that I can feed my family food that I trust. I know who my elected officials are and I call or write to them when I have a concern. I plant an extra row in that garden so that I can donate some food to the local food bank. I also have a focus charity listed on my shop at all times. That charity receives a donation for every finished item that I sell. These are some of the things that matter to me, and how I feed them.

What matters to you?


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  1. Serious skills you got there Zoe! Thanks for sharing.

    Appreciate you following my SurvivalSherpa site! Take care!

  2. In reply to you from Survival Sherpa:

    Zoe, sounds like you doing the stuff right. We use almond flour as well. When frying, I use tallow I render from beef fat. It’s more work involved, but I refuse to eat near plastic crisco and other veggie oils. Crisco does make a nice emergency candle however.

    As far as your guest post, I’d very much like to add it to my site as well. There’s not much info out there on prepping without wheat being the foundation of storage food. Please keep me informed on the progress of your article.

    Doing the stuff,


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