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More garden stuff coming soon!

I missed doing the Friday post I had planned because life has just been getting a little crazy lately. I spent a couple of hours today re-potting my tomato seedlings- the poor babies had roots coming out the bottom of their starter flat! I’ll be re-potting the rest of them tomorrow, after a trip to the Emmaus Farmers’ Market. I love that they are a producer-only market, which means everything I get from them is locally grown/produced, and tomorrow they will have the first of the seedlings available! I start most of my plants from seed myself, but I purchase some from there to help fill in any gaps. I also have a couple of vendors there who are my absolute favorites.

One of the favorites is B.A.D. Farm- where they don’t live up to their name. Owned and operated by Beth And Dave Rice, they sell meat and dairy products, as well as eggs, that are absolutely wonderful. Yes, the soft-boiled eggs I wrote about earlier this month are made with their delicious brown eggs. (And yes, I actually can taste a difference between brown and white eggs, and brown eggs from them versus brown eggs from the grocery store, LOL). The dairy products include some really great flavored cheeses and dips, made by Beth. They are good people with really yummy offerings, so if you find yourself in Emmaus, PA on Farm Market Day (every Sunday from May 1 through the Sunday before Thanksgiving, and alternating Sundays through the winter), I highly recommend popping over and seeing what yummy stuff is available!

Both the Emmaus Farmers’ Market and B.A.D. Farm are on Facebook, too, if you’re interested to see what they are up to:

I’ll be back to posting about garden stuff on Monday or Tuesday. Hope you’re having a great weekend!


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