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Coming soon! Stuffed Peppers Recipe

Well, I have not been doing very well at keeping up with things on here! The garden has really had me hopping, and I’ve had lots of general ‘life’ stuff going on, too. Sadly, it’s left me with little time to be creative. I’m hoping to have my recipe for stuffed peppers, with pictures of the process, up for you very soon. (I did make a batch, but forgot to take photos of the making of the stuffing!)

In the meantime, I have a helpful tip. If you find your garden overflowing with peppers, or find them at the grocery store for a great price, why don’t you make up a big batch and freeze them? My grandmother, who is not much for cooking anymore, loves stuffed peppers, so I made a big batch and will be taking some to her. 

I’ll go into more detail on this when I write up the recipe for you, but you can easily freeze them individually by using a muffin tin to support the peppers. Then once they’re frozen through, you can stick them in a freezer bag or vacuum seal them and just pull out however many you need when you want to eat them.




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