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Falling down on the job!

So I don’t have my own recipe to share with you this week. I had grand plans, but life happened. So, instead of giving you one of my own recipes, I am going to direct you to a recipe on a friend’s blog:

Nicole’s Visions- Tomato Ketchup

(You might recognize her name from that gorgeous nature photo I posted a couple of months back, with the lake and the stone bench.)

She tried the recipe for ketchup and gave it a good review, and I am planning on making it in the coming weeks, using some of the tomato paste I canned during last summer’s tomato glut. I’ll be turning the paste into ketchup, and then turning the ketchup into homemade BBQ sauce!

And if y’all are reeeeal nice, I might just share my Sweet n Sassy BBQ Sauce recipe with you at some point in the future! Hope you’re having a great week!

**edited to make the link actually show up!


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